Debt collection in Denmark and abroad

Are you looking for debt collection in Denmark? Then look no further. Paragraf Advokaterne is a professional law firm specialized in debt collection in Denmark, the Nordic countries and the EU. It doesn’t matter whether you have one claim or hundreds. We can handle all claims large and small at competitive prices.

We assist all types of companies in getting the money they are owed. So if you are looking for legal assistance with collecting debt from a Danish debtor, you will find no one better suited than us. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in debt collection and we know all the ins and outs of the relevant Danish legislation. Our managing partner has the right to appear before the Danish Supreme Court. We are thus able to follow any matter all the way through the legal system.

Our international clients are among others:

  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Real estate investors with a Danish building portfolio
  • Construction companies
  • Legal tech companies

Regular money claims

Most collection cases revolves around a simple money claim, where a company has sold a product, but not been paid in full. Each year we handle thousands of this type of collection cases. Certain formalities must be observed in order to pursue such a claim. We will always check, that all formalities are fulfilled, before starting. For instance debtor must always be given a 10-day limit to pay the debt, before debt collection costs can be added to the claim. If the agreement behind the claim doesn’t have a provision regarding interest, then Danish law has a provision, that can be made use of automatically.


If a mortgage on a house is not paid in time, a not completely similar process is set in motion. This can end in the house being sold off at an auction. If you have a mortgage on a Danish property, we can assist you in getting your money back, if necessary through the forced sale of the property.

For more information or to start a collection case, please contact us at (+45) 82 82 82 42 or